Advanced Search Assault Specialist


EOD UK Ltd was approached by a NATO country to design a course to fill a capability gap between Assault IED and High Assurance Search in order to support special forces and law enforcement operations.

EOD UK Ltd teamed with equipment OEMs and other specialists to provide a solution for the clients needs. A pilot course was delivered which led to further developments on course content and TTPs. The resultant course is now available for delivery to other customers as the Advanced Search Assault Specialist (ASAS) course.


ASAS Course

The course is designed to provide specialist training for experienced Search personnel to develop skills relevant to the conduct of military or counter terrorism (CT) policing counter improvised explosive device (C-IED) operations. The course is divided into two phases:

Phase 1.   10 days duration to revise relevant IED theory subjects, introduce ASAS concepts and develop practical skills using mini task formats.

Phase 2.  A confirmatory practical phase of 10 structured days designed to replicate operational conditions and facilitate development of individual and team skills.


Courses are conducted at a specialist international training centre in the UK, courses can also be delivered in other suitable locations in a host country.

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