The Evolution Ceramic Blades are compatible with all common “box cutter or Stanley” utility knives . The blades are super sharp and long lasting. These blades will cut Kevlar, Aramid, fibre optic cable and other difficult to cut materials.

The blades are non-conductive and are ideal for use in Counter IED Operations, every operator should have theses blades in their tool box


Technical Info. Zirconia Ceramic (ZrO2)

  1. Material Composition ZrO2>94.4, Y2O3 5.25, SiO2<0.015, Fe2O3<0.01, Na2O<0.01, Al2O3<0.25, Cl-<0.01,
  2. Material Properties Specific density 5.95g/cm, Hardness (HV) >1100-1250, Bending strength 1150Mpa, Fracture toughness 7-10, Grain size <0.5um, Elastic modulus 205Gpa, Thermal conductivity 3w/m ● k, Thermal expansion Coefficient 20-400℃.
  • Blade Length              62mm
  • Width                          19mm
  • Nominal thickness      1mm
  • Packaging                   10 blades per pack
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