The CK 1 Ceramic knife is an essential pocket tool for all aspects of EOD, Counter IED and Search operations. The CK 1 is light, very sharp and importantly non- sparking and non-conducting. The plastic blade protective sheath prevents accidental damage to the blades and against accidental injury while carried in an EOD tool kit.

Uses include

  • Cutting detonating cord and explosives
  • Cutting Kevlar® core rope found in most hook and line kits
  • Tool for Advanced Manual Techniques

Technical Info.

  • Blade Zirconia Ceramic (ZrO2)
  • Blade length 75mm 
  • Material Composition ZrO2>94.4, Y2O3 5.25,
  • SiO2<0.015, Fe2O3<0.01, Na2O<0.01, Al2O3<0.25, Cl-<0.01,
  • Specific density 5.95g/cm
  • Hardness (HV) >1100-1250
  • Bending strength 1150Mpa
  • Fracture toughness 7-10
  • Grain size <0.5um
  • Elastic modulus 205Gpa
  • Thermal conductivity 3w/m.k
  • Thermal expansion Coefficient 20-400oC 
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