The OpR8r Compact Hook and Line Kit from EOD UK Ltd is suitable for use by dismounted or light scale C-IED and Search Teams. The contents provide the operator with the ability to conduct rapid, basic semi-remote procedures. The kit is supplied in a 900D Cordura nylon carry bag with handle and shoulder strap.


•    OpR8r Carry Bag
•    1 x Internal Equipment Pouch
•    1 x Packreel with 100m of 3mm of pulling line (breaking strain 150kg)
•    1 x Compact Puller
•    2 x Large Single Flat Hook
•    1 x Small Single Flat Hook
•    1 x Cutting Hook with Ceramic Blade
•    1 x Double Folding Hook
•    2 x Snap Gate Carabiner
•    2 x Revolver Carabiner
•    1 x Toothed Spring Clamp
•    1 x Adjustable Mole Grip with Eye
•    2 x Anchor Pegs
•    1 x 120cm Loop Strap
•    1 x 50mm Brush
•    1 x CMP2 Non-Mag Mine Prodder with Digging attachment.
•    1 x 25m Sacrificial Line 3mm
•    1 x Ceramic EOD Knife
•    2 x Spare Ceramic Blade


•    Muliti-Tool
•    2 x Mini Suction Caps
•    1 x WedgeIT Door Wedge with cord loop
•    Carry Bag Colour Options (state with order)
•    Black, OD Green, ATP, MTP, UN Blue, Coyote.


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