Compact Mine Prodder

The Evolution CMP 2 Compact Mine Prodder is a patented product that provides the user with the capabilities of a standard mine prodder with the added benefit that all the components are stored within the handle of the prodder.

The unique design saves on space and allows the product to be stored and carried in pouches or pockets.

The prodder can be assembled for use in under 30 seconds, the product is suited for military and civilian use, on its own or as part of a bespoke kit such as the Evolution Personal Minefield Extraction kit. The CMP 2 can be used in Counter Mine, EOD and Counter IED operations.


  • Weight                           209 grams                                                                           
  • Stored Length               135mm                                                                 
  • Working Length             465 mm
  • Probe Segments           122mm
  • Handle Diameter           30mm
  • Probe Diameter             6mm
  • Probe Material               316 grade Non Mag Stainless Steel
  • Stored Length               135mm     
  • Handle Material             Black Makrolon Polycarbonate                                                                                            

Optional Accessories

Mini Trowel attachment, the trowel screws onto the end of the prodder handle and can be used to excavate around a target.

Scrush Tool, this stand-alone tool allows the operator to carefully scrape and brush away debris from a target.

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