EOD UK offers a range of consultancy services, these include:

  • Equipment Evaluations 
  • Equipment selection advice 
  • Needs Analysis Reports 
  • Advice on setting up and developing EOD organisations 
  • Threat Assessments 
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 

EOD UK ensures that we assign a subject matter expert to each of our consultancy tasks; our service supplies the client with information that is concise, relevant and to the point.


EOD UK was contracted by a UK government department to review and assess security aspects for a freight distribution hub at a high security site in central England.

EOD UK provided a security cleared SME who conducted a Needs Analysis Visit to the site and met with staff at the centre and walked through all procedures for screening goods in to the site and evaluated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

EOD UK then produced a Needs Analysis Report with which to assist the management at the site to assess what screening methods, equipment and staff training was required to ensure security at facility.

EOD UK was then asked to assist with staff training development, selection of updated screening equipment and deliver a general training day for staff from various sites on explosive hazards.

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