Detonation Technology PRODUCTS from EOD UK


EOD UK Ltd is an authorised distributor of innovative EOD and CIED tools from Detonation Technology in the USA.

Product range includes:

•    Digging Knives
•    Folding Grapple Hook
•    Hook Knife
•    Speed Reel
•    Unzipper
•    Hot Sticks

EOD UK Ltd incorporate some of the Detonation Technology tools in our range EOD tool and Hook and Line kits.

Folding Grapple - DTGH-2 Grapple is designed specifically for dismounted C-IED operations.  The four tines fold flat to be tucked out of the way in a pouch or pocket, then snap open with a twist of the wrist.  There are no parts to thread together or lose.  We believe this is the best grapple on the market for Explosive Ordnance Disposal use.

Hook Knife - The latch keeps the knife from falling off wires when setting up remote pulls. The large eyelet allows a carabiner to be directly connected, and the small size lets you carry several to do multiple cuts with a single pull. The Gen 4 hook knife has been updated to use an aluminium body and a replaceable blade. Blades can be purchased from EOD UK, or commonly available mini utility knife blades can be used with minor modification to the blades.

Speed Reel - The handle is geared up with respect to the spindle, which allows line to be pulled in very quickly.  Both reels are the same thickness, 67mm. The standard reel is 134mm long, 101mm wide, and weighs 397 g; the XL is 152mm long by 120mm wide and weighs 624g.

The standard reel holds 30m of 2mm Kernmantle line, the XL holds 60m of the same line.  The Kernmantle line has a UHMWPE core (also known by the trademark names Dyneema and Spectra), surrounded by a polyester sleeve.  This combination gives high strength and low stretch along with abrasion resistance and durability.


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