EOD UK Evolution DO 2000 Ohmmeter.

The DO 2000 uses a surface mount technology package for all electronic functions. 3.5 and 4.5 digit displays are available. Backlit is available on 4.5 digit displays only.

The range has a self setting zero.

A low battery warning is provided.


To operate the ohmmeter connect the shot firing cables to the two terminals. Press the switch button to see the circuit resistance displayed. The unit automatically switches off when the button is released. An open circuit or resistance above 1999.9 ohms is displayed as 1 on the left hand side of the display. When the battery requires replacement a battery symbol will appear on the display. To replace the battery remove the case screws and lid this will allow access to the battery compartment.


The ohmmeters are manufactured in a robust high-impact ABS moulded case. it is completely water and dust proof. A unique feature of the Ohmmeter is the use of sliding billet terminals. This feature makes for ease in connecting cables to the exploder and also helps prevent the cables from damage. Components inside the ohmmeter are encapsulated to protect against damage from mis-handling reducing maintenance to a minimum.


Supplied with neck strap carrying case and one battery.

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