EOD UK Evolution Exploder


The lightweight robust exploders are a low cost firing system suitable for most users who require a safe, simple but reliable exploder.

Automatic firing is achieved by holding the key in the fire position until the circuit fires. When the key is released any residual charge left in the capacitor is discharged through a resistor. The exploder becomes automatically safe if the key is removed at any time. A neon indicator flashes to indicate that firing has taken place.

The exploder can fire a series of detonators in addition to a single detonator, housing is manufactured from robust high impact moulded ABS and is completely water and dust proof. A unique feature of the exploder is the use of sliding billet terminals. This feature makes cable connection especially easy and prevents the cable from damage.

The exploder is supplied in a hard-wearing leather carry case.

Two variants available

Mk23 for single detonator circuits

MK30 for multi detonator circuits


                                               MK23    MK30
Max Voltage                            105V    130v
Max Charge Time to Fire      2 Secs    3 Secs
Battery PP3 9V
Firing Energy (joules)               0.11    1.69
Height 147mm
Width 85mm
Depth 38.5mm
Weight 500g


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