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The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel has been designed for use by EOD Operators across the full spectrum of military, law enforcement, NGO and commercial operations.

The reel is manufactured from high strength plastic, it is lightweight and easy to use/deploy. The Hook & Line Reel is designed to deploy and retrieve pulling cord or firing cable, the reel has an adjustable friction brake to help control the deployment of line/cable. The Hook and Line reel is a great addition to any operator’s kit.

EOD UK supplies compact hook and line systems that include the Hook and Reel as standard. The reel can also be purchased as a stand-alone item.



•    Spool Diameter 150mm
•    Spool Width 70mm
•    Overall length including handle 225mm

•    WEIGHT: 390 grams empty
•    COLOUR Black
•    ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV): Stabilised
•    FLAMABILITY: Resistant
•    TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE: Strength retention at -40°C. Vicat softening at +150°C
•    MATERIAL: Impact Copolymer and ABS
•    METALLIC COMPONENTS: Central clutch screw and nyloc nuts (stainless)
•    COMPLIES WITH ROHS (Register of hazardous substances)


•    Dyneema 3mm line: 80m


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