The Lightweight Perimeter Marking Kit is designed as a temporary solution to rapidly mark minefields and other hazardous areas (generally for up to 60 days prior to a permanent marking system being in place). One kit can provide a temporary fence of 250m in length.

The kit is supplied in 2 carry bags, one contains the lightweight hi-visibility posts the other bag carries the rest of the kit. The kit can be carried and deployed by 1 person and is easily transported in vehicles and aircraft.

Warning signs: As well as minefield warning signs, other hazard marking signs are available such as CBRN, explosive hazard or bespoke signs (subject to minimum order quantities)

Kit Contents

• Marking Posts x 17
• 125m Marking Tape on Spool x 2
• Spool Holder x 1
• Base Plate x 17
• Ground Spike x 19
• Minefield Sign x 17
• Mallet x 1


1. At 15 m intervals fix the base plate to the ground with the ground spikes
2. Place a post on each base plate
3. Anchor the marking tape with a ground spike
4. String the tape across the top of each post fixing the tape into slot on top of each post.
5. Anchor the marking tape with a ground spike
6. Attach Minefield signs on the tape between each post.


In urban areas the tape and signs can attached to street furniture in conjunction
with or in lieu of the marking posts.

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