OPR8R - Comprehensive Hook and Line Kit


The OpR8R Comprehensive Hook and Line Kit contains the tools and ancillaries to conduct standard semi-remote techniques in most environments including buildings, outside urban areas & rural environments. The kit is supplied in a rugged case for transport and storage, also supplied is a canvas bag to enable the users to decant some of the contents to carry forward from the ICP during operations. All hooks in the kit have integral eyes for attaching the pulling rope, the telescopic hook setter allows placement of hook and line at standoff either vertical or horizontally, the hook setter also doubles as a telescopic mirror arm by swapping out hook carrier for mirror arm attachment.

Comp Kit Comprises:

•    Rugged Transit Case
•    Compact Search mirror
•    2 x Larger Search Mirror (for attachment to hook setter/mirror arm)
•    Cordwheel (Black), with 100m yellow polyester 5mm rope (1000kg breaking strain), fitted with snap hook
•    Cordwheel (Yellow), with 100m black polyester 5mm rope (1000 kg breaking strain), fitted with snap hook
•    2 x Flat Hook, small single plain (hooks have integral eyes)
•    2 x Flat Hook, large single plain
•    2 x Extra Strong Flat hook plain
•    2 x Double Hook
•    1 x Folding Double Hook
•    1 x Folding Triple Drag Hook
•    Rope sling, 5mm dia x 1m long
•    Rope sling, 5mm dia x 2m long
•    Wire sling, 3mm dia x 1m long
•    Wire sling, 3mm dia x 2m long
•    2 x Bungee Cord 1m
•    2 x Bungee Cord 2m
•    2 x Terrier Piton
•    2 x Bulldog Piton
•    Stubby Hammer for Piton
•    Double suction pad
•    2 x Mini Single Suction Cup
•    2 x EOD UK Spring clamp
•    2 x Self-locking forceps
•    1 x Self -locking 'mole grip pliers' with eye
•    6 x DMM carabiner screw gate 27kn
•    Shackle D shape 13mm gate
•    10 X Screw eye self-tap
•    Adjustable clamp system
•    4 x Door stop
•    EOD Multi Tool kit
•    2 x Pulling handle for rope
•    Telescopic Hook Setter/Mirror Arm pole
•    2 x Hook wide mouth and snap gate
•    1 x EOD UK Folding grapple hook
•    1 x Ceramic Cutting Hook with 10 spare ceramic blades
•    4 x EOD UK self-opening pulley
•    10 x Sticky eye
•    EOD UK Doorway brace with eye
•    Skid pan
•    2 WedgIt with rope loop
•    Canvas case

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