DCU510 – Detonator Carrier Unit

The DCU510 reduces the UN Hazard Classification and compatibility group from 1.1B to 1.4S*, improving safety when storing and transporting electric and non-electric detonators.

The DCU510 series is widely used by demining companies, NATO and EOD teams in the UK (Army, Navy, RAF) and worldwide and also has applications in demolition, quarrying, mining and construction.

The unit also provides over seven minutes protection before the first detonator initiates in a fuel fire.       

*UN Series 6(d) test conducted for specific detonators only

•    Contains blast and secondary fragments protecting personnel when carried by hand
•    Prevents sympathetic detonation
•    Enables detonators and explosives to be stored and transported in the same vehicle
•    Improves logistical options and significantly reduces transport costs
•    Very low maintenance costs
•    The various configurations in the DCU500 series suit most standard types of detonator.

Detonators safely stored and transported

•    Based on a standard NATO ammunition container    
•    Easy top-loading
•    Stores electric and non-electric detonators
•    RF screening and anti-static protection
•    Environmentally sealed
•    Available with forensic sampling kits
•    Lightweight – easily carried by hand
•    Suits a wide variety of detonators
•    Lockable and security sealable
•    Durable and easily cleaned
•    Ease of use even with gloved hands


External Dimensions**    
Width:                           155mm/6”    
Height:                          185mm/7”    
Total Weight*:                5.8kg/12.8lbs    

Internal Dimensions**
Number of chambers:    8
Diameter:                       35mm/1”
Depth:                            100mm/4”

Available in a variety of colours and finishes (**All weights and dimensions approximate)

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