OpR8r Deminers Hook and Line Kit 2 (DMHL 2)

OpR8r Deminers Hook and Line Kit 2 is a compact, lightweight kit for the Deminer to conduct basic semi-remote techniques in both rural and urban areas. The DMHL 2 can be used in:-

•    Demining Operations
•    ERW Clearance
•    IED Search & Clearance

All hooks in the kit have been stress tested by a certified Test House, the hooks are a 1-piece design with integral eye for attaching the pulling line.

Kit Contents

•    Cordura Carry Bag
•    100 m 3mm Pulling Line
•    Rusyln Pack Reel
•    Compact Pulling Handle
•    120mm Extra Strong Hook
•    120mm Hook x 2
•    80 mm Hook
•    95mm Double Prong Hook x 1
•    155mm Cutting Hook (with ceramic blades)
•    165mm Folding 3 Prong Hook
•    Terrier Piton x 2
•    Subby Claw Hammer
•    Snap Gate Carabiner x 2
•    Revolver Carabiner x 2
•    Spring Toothed Clamp
•    120cm Loop Strap
•    100cm 5mm wire rope with 2 soft eyes x 2
•    WedgeIT Door/Window wedge
•    50mm Mini Suction Cap x 2
•    Screw in ground Pegs x 2
•    Bungee Cord 100cm with hooks
•    Modular 3-legged fulcrum
•    Ceramic EOD Knife
•    Multi-Tool
•    CMP2 Mine Prodder with trowel attachment
•    50m 3mm sacrificial line

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