X-Lite Mk 2 Remote Light Source

  • Compete System                  6665-17-121-1117
  • Power and Light Unit            6230-99-667-0118
  • Remote Light System           6230-99-134-8269

The Evolution X-Lite MKII is a self –contained lighting system designed for use by Specialist Search Teams and Counter Terrorist IED Teams for use in Counter IED tasks, where there maybe a threat from light activated IEDs.

The X-Lite has two functions; the first function is as a remotely controlled light source tocounter the threat from light activated IEDs secondly, the X-Lite can be used as a portable area lighting system, providing silent illumination for up to 14 hours from a single charge.

In the C-IED mode, the X-Lite can be operated at a safe distance via the remote control cable. The X-Lite is water resistant and can be used in wet weather conditions.

The adjustable frame unit allows the X-Lite to be used on stairs, built in anchor points allow the frame to be anchored to the ground; the legs of the frame are removable and are secured using captive pins. The telescopic mast can be extended vertically to a height of approximately 3.5 metres to allow access to lofts etc.

The remote light head is controlled from a push button remote control, once activated the light head flashes for 10 seconds. The Light Head contains four banks of high power white

LEDs (total 32 LEDs AT 2500 Lumen) and will illuminate an area of approximately 5 metres square.

System Contents

  1. Power and Working Light Unit
  2. Charging Unit
  3. Two LED Working Light Masts
  4. Remote High Power Light Head
  5. Telescopic Mast
  6. Adjustable Frame Unit, with control interface unit
  7. Remote Light Control
  8. 100m Control Unit on “King Reel”
  9. Pelican Storage Case for items 4-8.
  10. IR Filter for Working Lights (optional extra)

 Power and Working Light Unit.

The X-Lite is powered from the Power and Working Light Unit, the unit sits on the adjustable frame and acts as counter balance when the adjustable mast is extended. Chargers and LED working light mast are stored in the case.


  • Product conforms to the EMC requirements tested for CE
  • Radiated Emissions Tests EN55022
  • RF Immunity Test IEC61000-4-3
  • Conducted RF Immunity IEC61000-4-6
  • EFT Test IEC61000-4-4
  • ESD Test IEC61000-4-2



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