Evolution Reusable Pin Markers

  • White Pin Marker       9905-99-730-3956
  • Red Pin Marker         9905-99-497-9315
  • Green Pin Marker      9905-99-254-5197

The Evolution Reusable Pin Markers have been developed for all users operating in a high threat environment to give them a simple and effective individual dismounted marking solution to obviate the need of making pin markers from pieces of wire and marking tape.

The Evolution Pin Markers are designed taking advice from experienced CIED, Demining and High Risk Search professionals. These markers are used across the range of EOD UK ltd product portfolio.


The Pin Markers can be used in day and night conditions, they are compatible with 1.5 inch mini light sticks. They can be placed directly on the ground and have a 2mm wide channel for use in a flag configuration with EOD UK supplied carbon fibre rods they can also be pinned to walls and other surfaces using drawing pins etc.


  • 15mm diameter magnets with peel off self-adhesive backing, these can be
  • used to stick to the markers for use in environments such as ships and installations for
  • Maritime Interdiction operations.
  • Mini Light stick carrier


  • Safe route  marking
  • Route marking
  • Marking UXO, mines & IEDs
  • Marking command wire finds
  • Search finds


  • Available colours  White, Red and Green
  • Dimensions    W = 36mm, L = 79mm, T = 5mm.
  • Weight            8.5 grams
  • Material          Thermoflex Silicone Rubber MIL -STD 417

The pin markers are subject to minimum order quantities


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