EOD UK is the official UK distributor for the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Packreel. The Cordwheel and Packreel are lightweight and stackable. The reels can be utilised for a variety of uses such as hook and line, firing cables, communications cable and many others. EOD UK holds a limited stock of black and green reels’ other colours are available but have minimum order quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

Deploy Hook and line, Firing Cables 


 - Capacities

  • 2mm Line – 335m
  • 3mm Line – 110m
  • 8mm Line -  20m
  • Standard black and tan firing cable 75m

 - Specifications

  • Diameter 230mm Width 60mm
  • Weight: 375g empty


- Capacities

  • 10mm Line – 50m
  • Standard black and tan firing cable - 250m

- Specifications

  • Diameter 356mm Width 109mm
  • Weight : 785g  empty

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