The Evolution ETK 1 Search Tool Kit from EOD UK Ltd is the base module in our range of tool kits designed for use by CIED, EOD & Search operators. The ETK 1provides a set of tools that can be utilised by a “rummage search pair” for use in a range of search tasks. The ETK 1 is supplied in a Peli-Hardigg Storm iM 2975 case with two layer custom foam cut out to house the tools.


  • 2 x Search Mirror with telescopic arm
  • 2 x Head Torch
  • 1 x Video Inspection Camera
  • 1x Laser distance meter
  • 1 x 18v Dewalt drill with 2 batteries & charger
  • 1x Dewalt 100pc drill/bit set
  • 1 x 18v Dewalt LED Work Light
  • 2 x Quality Multi Tool
  • 1 x Socket Set 16 pc
  • 1 x Bolt cutters
  • 2 x Allen Key set imperial & metric
  • 1 x 8pc Screwdriver Set
  • 1 x 3 pc plier set
  • 1 x Hacksaw
  • 1 x stud/cable locator
  • 2x Safety eye wear
  • 2 x pair working gloves
  • 2 x WedgeIT door/window wedges
  • 1 x Wrecking bar
  • 1 x Storage/transport case
  • Spare batteries

Options. EOD UK Ltd can also supply bespoke kits to customer specifications.


As part of our ongoing drive to supply high quality products, tools may be changed without notice.



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