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EOD UK Ltd provides a range of courses each course is designed to fulfil the specific needs of the customer. We utilise a Systems Approach to Training when we design a course, our training system is outlined below:

•    Analysis
•    Design
•    Delivery
•    Assurance
•    Management


EOD UK Ltd has been delivering training for almost 20 years both to our customers in the UK and at overseas locations. We utilise trainers who are Subject Matter Experts coupled with real world experience to maintain their key competences and “currency”. Our customers have included:

•    Equipment OEMs    
•    NGOs    
•    Law Enforcement    
•    Military
•    Other Government Departments

Courses Offered

Our range of courses include, but is not limited to:

•    Equipment Operator Training
•    CIED Awareness
•    CBRN Awareness
•    CIED Search
•    Aviation Security
•    Specialist military training courses
•    Hostile Environment Training (HET)
•    Hook and Line Techniques
•    EOD Operator
•    Search Advisor
•    Search Co-Ordinator
•    Hazardous Environment Search

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