The XP-SH Contraband Detector is a small handheld density meter for use by Search trained personnel to help locate contraband hidden in voids such as car panels, vehicle tyres, fabric of buildings etc. The unit can penetrate through 10mm of steel plate.

10 Microcuries/370 Kbq Barium 133 Exempt Source Large video-graphic back-lit display viewable in all lighting conditions, with real-time moving graph and numerical output, saves 100 scans into onboard memory, downloadable to a computer via USB with installed software tool for evidence retention and remote troubleshooting, built in remote display, also serves as a radiation detector, water resistant to IP56, NRC Exempt License, ISO9001:2015 MIL STD 810G, CE & RoHS compliant.


• Contraband Detector   
• Lead-free calibration block
• Holster    
• Wrist strap
• USB connector    
• Set of spare batteries
• Earpiece    
• Software CD
• Training DVD & Manual    
• Weatherproof Transit Case

Radiation Source    
Barium 133, Exempt quantity 10 micro curie standard and recommended, unit lifespan is approx. 20 years

Conforms to CBP Directive 5290-0198
Dose Rate is indistinguishable from background at 10cm+
Numeric and Graphical Display
Real time Graphical Display In addition to digital numerical

Memory Retention    
Unit saves 100+ scans in memory for evidence collection or training

Time & Date Stamp    
Visible on the screen and saved on each recorded reading

Depth of Reading    
Detects in excess of 6" (15.2cm) thru any material and surface

Scan Speed    
Scan thru 10mm steel at a rate of 17- 22 cm per second with positive identification of contraband

865 grams with batteries

L = 16.5cm W = 8.25cm H = 4.4cm

Operating Temperature Range    
-30 C to +55 C

Display Size    
High Data Screen, 400 x 240 LCD Video Graphic Display Day/Sunlight Viewable, using Gorilla non-scratch glass.  6.35cm W x 3.81cm H

Radiation Detector    
Unit has a radiation detection mode

Xpose Tools Software CD    
To transfer data to PC by USB for storage, training, analysis and evidence collection also update software

Battery Life    
40 Hrs. Continuous "ON" minimum

60 dB, 2.4 kHz, 0.5sec, audible alert.

Backlight Display    
Bright display light for use at night

Low Battery Indicator    

Calibration Block    
Mini Lead Free Calibration Block

Training DVD    
Multi Language Training DVD: English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Other languages on request

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